ESPN - Antonio Cromartie, dusting off a page from Rex Ryan’s old book on bravado, predicted Thursday the slumping Jets will turn around their season and reach the postseason.  ”The Jets will make the playoffs this year,” Cromartie told NFL Network’s “NFL AM” show. “We believe in each other, we believe in what coach Ryan and his staff is putting us to schemes and stuff, so we definitely are going to make the playoffs this year.”  Cromartie, one of the few bright spots on the team, has accepted more of a leadership role in the wake of Darrelle Revis’ season-ending injury. This remark certainly should create a buzz Thursday in Florham Park, where the Jets continue preparations for Sunday’s critical game against the Seahawks.  On Monday, Ryan took the opposite approach, telling reporters, “We’re not even close. We’re not sniffing the playoffs, we’re not sniffing anything right now.” 

Well I guess I have to blog this. I guess its newsworthy? You know how many times Antonio Cromartie has said shit like this? “Oh baby don’t worry I’ll definitely wear a condom.” “Don’t worry baby I’ll definitely pull out.” “That kid is definitely not mine.” The thing with Cro is, he believes it. He’s just an optimist. So I’m not gonna sit here and knock him for being some shit talking tough guy. I just think they guy is confident to a delusional extent. He genuinely thinks hes making the playoffs. If he went on Maury Povich, he’d be that guy who vehemently denies the child is his until the paternity test is shoved right in his face. Until science proves to him that he dropped another seed and until math proves to him the Jets can’t make the playoffs, Antonio Cromartie expects the best. In his mind Cromartie is a single dude with no children heading to the Super Bowl this year. In reality of course he’s the father of an Army of Bastards and he’s probably gonna finish the season 6-10 but I admire the confident outlook.

If I lived in Cromartie’s world I’d definitely be a Pulitzer prize winning millionaire writer.