Well by a landslide the most nominations we received were for none other than Sonia “Bombs Over” Baghdady from Channel 8 in New Haven.   I mean it wasn’t even close.  People were actually pissed that she wasn’t featured first on Monday.   Listen it’s all about the chase.   I’m sure Sonia reads The Stool, it’s called playing hard to get.   I invented playing hard to get.  Regardless the Channel 8 newsroom has got to be a battle every day for who could slut it up the most between Sonia Baghdady and Theresa Labarbera.   Each day one trying to out-do the other until one of them just walks in naked.  I know, Geoff Fox probably banged em’ both.  Anyway, what a way to close out “Connecticut Week” here at Barstool NYC.  It was like Christmas Week, Masters Week and Shark Week all rolled into one.   Thanks to all who submitted pics or links.  Next stop, meteorologists in Jersey.   Once again, send chicks to nyctips@barstoolsports.com, send dudes over to Boston.