I wasn’t going to write an entire Cubicle Chronicles blog about this one line, but this holiday season I was absolutely flooded with tweets and emails about how infuriating it is when you’re trapped in the Cubes and someone makes the “See You Next Year!” joke. The reason people hate this joke so much? Its a fucking terrible joke. Its barely even a joke. Its a stupid fucking comment to make. Out of all the stupid one liners – “Workin hard or hardly workin?” “Guess I didn’t get the memo!” “Happy Friday!” “Case of the Mondays” – See You Next Year may take the cake. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next mass shooting is sparked by some dickhead cracking this joke today.

The real question is which New Year’s one liner is worse – “See you next year!” or the asshole who says “New Year’s Eve is amateur night!” The amateur night line is hands down one of the douchiest things a human can say. If you’re trapped in your cage today and anyone at your office says either of these things to you, you have my permission to punch them directly in the throat.