FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- General manager Mike Tannenbaum became the first casualty of the¬†New York Jets‘ disappointing season.¬†Tannenbaum, who has run the football operation since 2006, was fired Monday, owner Woody Johnson announced in a statement. Rex Ryan will remain as coach, according to Johnson.¬†A search for a new GM will commence immediately.¬†Johnson made the move after the Jets failed to make the playoffs for a second straight season. The Jets, undermined by poor quarterback play and a lack of playmakers on offense, stumbled to 6-10. Johnson said he informed Tannenbaum on Monday morning.¬†”Although¬†he¬†helped guide us to two consecutive¬†AFC Championship Games, we are not where we want to be, and a new General Manager¬†will be critical to¬†getting this team back on the¬†right¬†track,” Johnson said in the statement.¬†Johnson eliminated any doubt about Ryan’s future.¬†”I believe that he has the passion, the talent,¬†and the drive to successfully lead our team,” Johnson said.

Well, as a Jets fan all you can ask for after this debacle of a season is wholesale changes. And this is the first big step towards doing that. Everyone knew Tannenbaum was more of a numbers guy. A cap-ologist type. He’s not a football guy. And bottom line is he hitched his wagon to Sanchez. He traded up in the draft and took him with the 5th pick and now that shitty era is over and hes gotta go. You could easily make the same argument with Rex, but the issue here with the Jets is they are completely devoid of talent all over the field and that blame falls on the GM’s shoulders. You could make the argument that they are the least talented team in the league. Personally I think when a new GM comes in he should bring in the coach he wants along with the team he assembles, but regardless its a step in the right direction. Rex will probably get the axe after a shitty season next year, so its clearly delaying the inevitable, but the wheels for change are in motion. All you can ask for.