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So Pedro was in New York City yesterday to promote the Gillette Pro Glide Summer Job, (which is fuckin awesome by the way. These two dudes Adam and Jason just get to go all around  the country doing all sorts of awesome shit on Gillette’s dime.) and your boy KFC got to sit down with him for like half an hour. There really is no better athlete in the world for Barstool to kick it with. Dude is a Red Sox legend, a Yankee nemesis and revitalized the Mets (for like 1 season). His entire career is right up Barstool’s alley. So we put together a montage of the 10 most memorable moments and just let him watch himself being fuckin awesome. Dude loved every second of it. Who wouldn’t? Imagine if someone was like hey you wanna watch this video that proves that you are the fuckin man? My video montage would be like 2 seconds long. It would be one clip of me posting Kacie the Smokeshow and one clip of me making fun of blind people. Thats it.

Anyway, in between all these other lame ass interviews he would come back over to us and watch a clip of him gassing Sammy Sosa or owning Karim Garcia and he was just crackin up having a blast.  Kept saying he wanted to go back with the Barstool guys instead of ESPN, USA Today, SI blah blah.  He was 200% honest (except when he still refused to admit that he was telling Jorge Posada he was gonna drill him in the dome when he was pointing to his head) and completely genuine. Real good dude. Hope you mutts enjoy.