He’s the face of the franchise and probably the best career Met of all time. So if the Mets weren’t willing to spend money on David Wright then who the fuck would they ever spend it on? At the end of the day, it’s probably a bit too much. Although his 162 game averages are right up there with the likes of Longoria and Zimmerman, it’s the up and down in consistency that can be infuriating with Wright. But at the end of the day this is supposed to be a big market team who is able to overpay somewhat for the man they want. And he’s a cornerstone that deserved it. As of right now the only Mets signed past 2013 is Wright and Jon Niese. It ain’t much, but that’s smart baseball and a starting point.

As for Wright, I have no fucking idea what he’s doing. There is absolutely zero chance I’d ever sign with the Mets. 100% the most toxic franchise in baseball, maybe in all of sports. How many more millions do you really need when the trade off is inevitably wasting the majority of the remainder of your career in 4th place in the NL East? How important is it to “be a Met for life” when their window is completely closed for the duration of your career? I applaud him for his loyalty but plain and simple he probably could have got more money on the open market and possibly ended up on a contender. Thanks though, DW. You and I will both spend our entire 20s and 30s suffering together with the New York Mets