I know this is gonna sound stupid and pretty pathetic, but this was one of the best Mets moments in years. This team and this franchise has been lifeless and heartless for years now. Just floating through the season year after year since like 2008 underachieving with zero passion and zero fire. So seeing David Wright and Terry Collins, the two biggest reasons for the early success from this young home grown Mets team, going at it in the dugout brings a smile to my face. The team’s captain and the team’s general going toe to toe in front of all the troops, all in the name of competition.

To be perfectly honest, I understand where both guys were coming from in this situation. I love the leadership and aggression from Wright. As the veteran leader and unofficial captain of this team, he didn’t want special treatment. Wanted to step right up there and take his lumps just like anybody else on his team would have to. On the flip side, Terry Collins has gotta think big picture here – DW is the only legitimate proven bat on that team. He’s leading the league in batting and he’s the only guy he can rely on day in and day out. Can’t afford to lose him in an 8-0 blowout with the way this team has been playing behind Wright’s leadership. It was a fascinating display of the unwritten rules of baseball and the mindset of a player and a manager and all the nuances of baseball that I love.

But more importantly, as I said earlier, it was heart and passion that I never expected to see this year. That’s part of the reason I doubted them going so drastically going into this season. I’m not a huge fan of intangibles in the game of baseball but with such a collection of young, impressionable players, I think some fiery leadership can really play a role in bringing out the best of everyone in that clubhouse. For weeks now I’ve been wonder if this roster of rookies and no names could keep competing at the level they’ve shown so far this season – if they’re following DW and Terry Collins’ example, I don’t see why not. I was the biggest doubter of all and those two have me believin.