USA Today- Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was arrested outside of the club’s midtown Manhattan hotel after allegedly shoving a man to the ground and making anti-Semitic remarks, police say. Young was “highly intoxicated,” a police source told the New York Post, when the altercation occurred at 2:40 a.m outside the Hilton on Sixth Avenue. The Tigers begin a three-game series at Yankee Stadium on Friday night. The Detroit Free Press reports that Young faces an “aggravated harassment hate crime charge” and that Young made anti-Semitic remarks during the incident. Young reportedly was taken to Roosevelt Hospital to sober up before he was booked and charged with assault in the third degree.

Drunk, anti semitic comments on the morning that the Tigers are starting a three-game series with the Yankees. It’s like he was begging Barstool to write about him. The whole fucking site is Jewish. Bagels everywhere. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one of our noses. I don’t know what messed up shit was going down in the Young household, but Dmitri  and Delmon are just consistent fuck ups. Dmitri has an excuse at least. I’d be pissed too if my parents forgot the letter i in my name. Can’t be surprised about this recent altercation though. Remember this? Great stuff, Delmon. Keep up the good work you model citizen.