TattoosHeavily modified, pierced and tattooed, some knew him as the oddity who went by the name of his Native American, Stalking Cat, while others knew him as the brother and friend that Dennis Avner was. After undergoing extensive cosmetic procedures to look like a tiger from the animal totems in Huron traditions, Dennis felt his spirit was called to the wild and made it is goal to modify his body in honor of the tiger. On November 5th 2012, Dennis Avner was confirmed dead at 54. His body is being held in Tonopah and his cause of death is speculated to be suicide. Dennis helped pave the way for many body modification enthusiasts and was said to be a kind and gentle man underneath all that prowness. May he rest in peace.

You think Dennis Avner The Stalking Cat just had that moment of clarity where he was like “Fucckkk I turned myself into a tiger” and offed himself? I mean obviously he’s a complete fucking lunatic so he could easily have just killed himself in a drug induced fit of psychosis. But I think there’s also a shot where he was just like “Well I really fucked the pooch on this one.” Kinda like when you go and get a really stupid ass haircut or any other type of tattoo. Seems like a great idea in the chair but by the time you walk out with a shaved head or a bowl cut or tattoo of Mitt Romney’s logo on your face and you realize you’ve gone too far. Or maybe he was getting bullied by the lions and the hippopotami and he just couldn’t take it anymore. I bet there’s gonna be an “It gets better” youtube video of Stalking Cat with cue cards describing his life as a tormented tiger.  Maybe it was all the disrespect the Native American culture has been getting.  Really when you’re dealing with a man who modified himself to turn into the animal totems of the Huron tradition anything is possible.

Rest in peace, Stalking Cat.