ESPNDennis “Oil Can” Boyd, who pitched eight of his 10 major league seasons with the Boston Red Sox, says he used crack cocaine every day of the 1986 season while with the Red Sox, including one day in Oakland when he smoked in the clubhouse before one of his starts and had the drug tucked in his cap while on the mound. In an interview with ESPN’s Buster Olney that appeared in an episode of “E:60″ on Tuesday, Boyd said his teammates knew of his drug use during the 1986 season and that he occasionally would talk about it with team doctor and minority owner Arthur Pappas, but never was drug tested. “I would come into the ballpark, (Pappas) would call me in the back and he ask me, ‘How you feel? Did you do some last night?’ And I was honest with him, ‘Yes I did,’ ” Boyd said. “OK. So that was my drug test, you got me? Ain’t nobody made me pee in no cup.”… Boyd told of his start on May 11, 1986, at Oakland when he smoked crack before taking the mound. “I get to the ballpark, all the ballplayers are on the field, you know, taking batting practice and everythin’. And I walk in the clubhouse and I — I got my pipe with me. “I can remember going and locking myself up in the bathroom and smoking some dope right there at the ballpark. I was afraid that they knew and that the clubhouse manager had smelled it, he was gonna tell on me. So I gotta get rid of it. “I had it under the bib of my cap, inside the crease inside of the cap. And when I was warming up in the ballgame — third, fourth inning — it fell off my head.” Boyd’s violent delivery often led to his cap falling off. “Every other pitch I pick it up, put it on. So it’s one time, you know, I’m so into what I’m doing, I forgot that the dope is under my hat. So I look on the ground and I’m like, ‘Damn, there’s little rocks everywhere, man.’ So I play it off as I’m walking back, I pick it up like — dirt — picking up (expletive), mashing it into the ground.”

Really, Red Sox? Crack? That’s not even a cool drug. Doc Ellis is pitching no-hitters on LSD and Dennis Boyd is pre-gaming with crack. The best part is that the organization knew about it but didn’t care. That would explain the bar they called a clubhouse in Boston last season. I love it though. Yankees are built on a tradition of winning, professionalism, and pride. The Red Sox franchise has a foundation of drug abuse and organizational neglect.

I feel like most people would immediately get rid of their piece if they mistakenly engaged in take your crack pipe to work day. Boyd decided it was a better idea to smoke in the bathroom instead. Reminds me A LOT of Towelie from South Park. I need to hide this very illegal drug in the “bib” of my cap… Better get a little high first. Dennis Boyd smoked crack EVERY DAY IN 1986. That’s so much crack. Like way more crack than what’s acceptable. And nice attempt at making crack sound classier by labeling it “crack cocaine,” ESPN. Not working. No one is reading this article and not picturing Tyrone Biggums sneaking off to smoke rock in the clubhouse.