LiveLeakWhat started as a walk to the park with his dogs ended with a trip to the hospital for a Denver dog owner. 32-year-old Mark Ashford says he was beaten black and blue by two Denver Police officers.  “They punched him and pinned him up against the fence and forced his head into the concrete.” Ashford’s attorney, Will Hart, said the beating that was caught on camera is a clear case of Excessive Force. “This happened when he was walking his dogs, he has a conversation with another citizen that the police officer doesn’t like and as a result, he ends up in the hospital,” said Hart.

Last week:  Denver cops beat down kid on cell phone

Tough to decide who to side with here.  Can we just fire everybody involved?  That includes that idiot dogwalker from whatever job he has which is probably walking dogs or handing out fliers for the ACLU.  Like on the one hand you got your typical asshole cops throwing out haymakers and sleeper holds for no good reason.  Not to mention if I’m not mistaken that looks like a 55 year old overweight woman cop?  In which case nobody is going to respect that.  But on the other hand you got some asshole dogwalker trying to start trouble.  You don’t start talking shit to the cops then pull your iPhone out and shove it in their face to film it and not expect something bad to happen.   No doubt he deserved a beating but then again as a cop you can’t just fight everybody who pisses you off.   Just a perfect storm here of people who annoy me:  powertrip cops and whiny “I know my rights” dickheads.