ESPNPhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson told ESPN’s Lisa Salters that he didn’t give a full effort last season because he didn’t want to get injured before signing a new contract. When asked about instances when his effort was questioned, Jackson said: “I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it. I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt — now I’m just giving it all.” After receiving the Eagles’ franchise tender, Jackson signed a five-year, $51 million extension with $15 million guaranteed in March. Jackson said he was “happy to finally get the contract. I felt with what I had done for the team, I deserved it.” Jackson sought a contract extension last year and held out the first 11 days of training camp. During the season, Jackson was deactivated for a Week 10 game against the Arizona Cardinals and benched during a Week 12 loss to the New England Patriots. He finished with 961 receiving yards, his lowest total since his 2008 rookie season, and averaged a career-low 6.7 yards on punt returns.

Hilarious. Mo should know better than to throw barbs at Big Blue, no matter how sarcastic, when it’s simply a matter of time before his Eagles take back the NFC East laughing stock crown. Enter DeSean Jackson, the greatest player ever to fumble away a touchdown at the 1-yard line twice due to premature celebration. I’m not saying the dude’s not a talent. I remember his soul-crushing punt return (fuck you, Matt Dodge) in 2010. What I am saying is, he’d make a perfect New York Jet. He might be more New York Jet than any New York Jet, actually. This guy thinks that, although he’s never produced anything other than a few highlights, he’s a superstar. You’re just a fast dude right now, bro. How the FUCK do you say this shit out loud after last year’s nightmare season? And you know what? I think he’s full of shit. He’s like Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump. Would rather look good & lose than look bad & win. He’s so fucking full of himself he’s gotta let it be known that he sucked last year on purpose. That he’d done enough already & wasn’t going to give anything extra despite it potentially being the difference in making the playoffs until he got that paper. Whatever you say. True or not, it’s irrelevant. The mere fact that this is how he announced he’s ramping it up for 2012 shows nothing’s changed with him at all.

Best part is, Mo’s representing Philly fans and saying Jackson is justified in what he did. Do you, Mo. Keep backing your poor man’s Randy Moss & maybe someday your boy DeSean can go down as one of the greatest NFL wideouts never to have won a ring, too.