I was watching this at the bar last nite so I didn’t realize at the time that Lance Stephenson was on the receiving end of this karate chop. In the moment I thought it was just a scrub on the Heat taking a cheap shot at a scrub on the Pacers during a 40 point blow out and was the dirtiest thing I had ever seen. But then I realized it was Lance Stephenson. Look who’s chokin now, bro! Sure Lebron metaphorically choked on those free throws earlier in the season but it looks like you’re actually choking on a fuckin elbow to your esophagus. You wanna run your mouth and take shots then keep your head on a swivel.

The fact that nobody on the Pacers didn’t start an all out brawl over this is atrocious. You got rolled by Lebron and Wade in Game 4. Absolutely annihilated and embarrassed in Game 5, all while Udonis Haslem and Dexter fucking Pittman practiced their MMA moves all game long. You’re down by 40 with 20 seconds to go and someone tries to chop your head off. That is the quintessential moment you need to start throwing punches. Even Larry Legend knew it. Didn’t complain about Miami playing like dirtbags, just called out his own team for playing soft:

“I can’t believe my team went soft,” Bird said on the phone. “S-O-F-T. I’m disappointed. I never thought it would happen.” When asked to elaborate on those comments, an obviously frustrated Bird said, “That’s all I have to say.”

S-O-F-T. Even spelled it out for them. Imagine some shit like this going down between Larry’s Celtics and the Bad Boy Pistons? Celtics and Lakers? Never. Can’t even imagine some of those squads rolling over and getting smoked by 40, let alone getting physically abused while doing so. Game 6 better be a bloodbath otherwise Miami is rolling right through to San Antonio.