Stop clapping. Why are you clapping? There is absolutely nothing to clap about!

It is so hard to verbalize the frustration that this season’s Yankees provide on a daily basis in run-manufacturing situations. I believe it was some black guy in a rap song that once said “Another day, another dollar.” Well, for the Yankees, it’s another day, another miserable loss because they have no idea how to produce a fucking run without the long ball. Even if third base counted as home for the Yankees, they still woulda lost today. If I have to watch one more lazy fly out to shallow right with a runner at 2nd and no outs, I will kill my cat. I just don’t know how else to deal with this frustration. It feels like when you just went grocery shopping, but it still seems like there’s nothing to eat in your house. Triscuits in every Goddamn cabinet. It’s gonna be a bomb or bust October, folks. Hope you enjoy frustration and losing.

P.S.- I challenged Twitter to try and put the Yankee frustration into words. Word of advice: the Newsroom reference will win pretty much every time.