(Patch) -- The wife of the assault victim was walking her dog on Nottingham Road when she was verbally accosted by five to eight young men. She ran home and told her husband of the incident, and the two drove around the neighborhood looking for the men to demand an apology. They found the group on Roxen Road, which is where the assault took place, police said. Neighbors who heard the disturbance called police at 11:55 p.m. The men fled before police arrived and Nassau County detectives were called in to join the investigation. The 44 year old man was transported by Rockville Centre police to Mercy Medical Center where he was treated for broken ribs, multiple contusions and injuries to the face and jaw.

Stories like this are why I never want to get married. You know this guy was just chilling in his recliner, watching some TV and having a nice cold beer. The wife is out of the house and he finally has some time to relax. Then she comes storming in crying about a few teenagers on the street who made fun of her. Any normal person would think “well, kids will be kids” and then they’d leave it alone. But not a hysterical wife. Nope. She needs her man to get up and put pants on go and defend her honor like he’s some kind of medieval night. And he made the right choice. Because I’d take broken ribs, multiple contusions and an injured face and jaw over a wife bitching and moaning about how you don’t love her and protect her. That’s why women are so funny. They’ll cry about equality until the cows come home but when it comes down to brass tacks they still want a guy to open the door for them and defend them and provide for them. You want equality? Fight the gaggle of drunk 18 year olds yourself, sweetheart.