This is Toronto we’re talking about. The team that’s a perennial respite on the schedule in between trips to Boston and Tampa. The shittiest field in the league and a club that routinely packs it in by Memorial Day. There’s no way we can take them seriously as AL East contenders, right? But with the Dickey trade wrapping up, Toronto kinda looks like the team to beat right now in the East. That pitching staff of Josh Johnson, who we all know what he can be, R.A. Dickey, Kyle Drabek, who has been at the top of every scout’s chart for the last couple years, Buehrle, a consistent middle-of-the-rotation guy against everybody but the Yankees, and whatever other random Dustin McGowans or Brandon Morrows they wanna throw out there is pretty fucking solid. Plus they always have one or two guys with rec specs throwing heat out of the bullpen. On top of that, the team can always hit- that’s never been an issue. Add the acquisitions of Reyes, Bonifacio, and Melky to proven talent like Bautista and Encarnacion and that’s a scary fucking squad.

But it’s Canada… and more specifically Toronto. Until they prove something, I will continue to picture a team full of guys with that dweeby batting stance from Griffey Slugfest where the bat just hangs at the hip parallel to the ground. The kinda team where if you lost to them on N64, you’d make sure no one was watching and restart the system because you just don’t lose to Toronto. I know Baltimore proved the 180 can be done in the AL East with a complete turnaround last year, but is it really gonna happen two years in a row? Is there a chance we’ll be watching that Kidz Bop knockoff national anthem before games in October? Whether you believe Toronto is legitimate or not, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the AL East will open 2013 as the best division in baseball. 4 teams with legitimate playoff potential. And Boston.