Daily Mail- It has traditionally been written off as an ‘excuse’ for philandering celebrities, but a new study suggests that sex addiction is a real disorder. The disorder, in which sufferers have relentless sexual urges that feel out of their control, is even being considered for inclusion in America’s ‘bible’ that lists all mental conditions, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Until now, however, researchers have been struggling to define what hypersexual disorder, as sex addiction is formally known, actually is. Under one proposed definition, a person who simply has frequent sex would not be diagnosed with it, said study researcher Rory Reid, an assistant professor and research psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. But a person whose sexual activities are excessive, frequently used to cope with stress and interfere with their ability to function in daily life may meet the criteria for the disorder.  In a new study from the university, the researchers emphasised  they are not trying to turn common behaviours — such as having a lot of sex, or watching pornography — into disorders. Instead, people with hypersexual disorder report feeling out of control, and act on their sexual urges, disregarding the repercussions.  ’They might consider the consequences momentarily, but somehow feel their need for sex is more important, and choose sex even in situations where such choices might cause significant problems or harm, such as job loss, relationship problems or financial difficulties,’ he told the website MyHealthNewsDaily.

Oh thank goodness they outlined the authentic symptoms of sex addiction. Because here I was making fun of sex addicts claiming they were just your average guys who love to fuck. Turns out its a real serious affliction that causes you to forget about long term consequences when you have the chance to have sex. Now I know that its a real crippling disease that should not be mocked.

Christ almighty. Scientists are such a joke. They are more useless than weathermen. Sex addiction will officially be defined as choosing sex despite repercussions with your relationship, money, or your job. You know how many dudes have chosen to fuck a chick outside of their relationship? How many dudes have paid for fancy dinners and bottles at the club to fuck? How many dudes have had sex with a chick they work with? Like all of them. Approximately all of them. Everyone on the planet is an addict. When a dude is staring down the barrel of potential sex literally nothing else on the planet matters. Forget about your job and money. The fucking room could be on fire and we’d be like “Ok Ok just hang on give me a few minutes I’ll be quick. Just stay below the smokeline we’ll be fine.”