NY PostFormer Yankee Mike Kekich is desperate to block Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s movie “The Trade,” based on the huge scandal when he and fellow pitcher Fritz Peterson swapped wives in the 1970s. Die-hard Red Sox fan Affleck and his brother, Casey, are rewriting a second version of the script and have hired veteran sportswriters to help reach out to Yankees from that era. But Kekich, who’s believed to have created a completely new life and family in New Mexico, is refusing to participate. A source tells us, “Kekich is panic-stricken. He has moved away and has a new identity. He is freaked out that those working on the movie found out where he is. He isn’t too keen on having the scandal dredged up again after all this time. “Other Yankees from that time have also been really unhelpful with facts and details of what happened. They are stonewalling.” The amazing drama started in 1972 after the two hurlers, old friends, joked about swapping wives. They followed through on it, although word didn’t get out until the spring of ’73. Marilyn Peterson moved in with Kekich, but it didn’t last. Susanne Kekich and Fritz are still married and live in New Jersey and Colorado. Kekich reportedly remarried and had another daughter. Actresses being considered include Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Rebecca Hall. Ben Affleck recently confirmed he and Casey were rewriting the script, and hinted that Damon may direct. It wasn’t certain that he and Damon would play the pitchers. Affleck recently told MTV, “I’ve come to have a little more respect for the Yankees. There are some of those guys . . . that look like good guys . . . But as an institution? Disdain. Contempt.” About the movie’s subject matter, he said: “Guys [bleep]ing each others’ wives — that’s those Yankees.” The script hasn’t yet been shown to Major League Baseball or the Yankees, another source confirmed. Reps for Affleck, Damon and the team declined to comment. A source close to Affleck said he was working on many projects and is currently focused on directing a political thriller, “Argo,” which he’s about to start shooting.

From Wikipedia:

The affair began in 1972, when the two couples joked on a double date about wife swapping, a phenomenon that caught on in some uninhibited circles during the early 1970s. According to one report, the first swap took place that summer, after a party at the home of New York sportswriter Maury Allen. The couples made the change official in October; Kekich moving in with Marilyn Peterson and Peterson with Susanne Kekich, but no word leaked out until spring of 1973. A light moment came when New York Yankees General Manager Lee MacPhail remarked, “We may have to call off Family Day.” The trade worked out better for Peterson than it did for Kekich, as Peterson is still married to the former Susanne Kekich, with whom he has had four children. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson did not last long.[1]

From S.I.:

The Mike & Marilyn combination [...] quickly unraveled. Three months after the pitchers went public, Kekich was shipped off to Cleveland and would start only eight more games in the majors. He is remarried and living in Albuquerque, where his current occupation is unknown; he made unsuccessful attempts at a career in medicine and a paramedic business. Marilyn has taken her two children and opted for what one report calls “Midwestern obscurity” — which, presumably, is not a place where kooky New York lefthanders swap wives.

Ummmm. How the fuck do I not know about this story? Does everyone else know? Am I late to the party? Yankees lefthanders used to just trade wives and kids and dogs like they were fucking baseball cards! Thats outrageous. Fuckin A the 70s were wacky. Goddam swingers parties in the major league clubhouse. Just have everybody throw their keys in a bowl and close their eyes and pick out a new fucking family.

I remember when I was a kid and my parents told me we were moving. I was devastated. Imagine if your father sat you down and explained you were traded??? Like “listen son, I love you, and you’ve been great for this family, but I’ve decided to take things in a different direction. You been traded to the Peterson’s for their daughter and a poodle to be named later. Good luck.” Heavens to Betsy thats some fucked up shit. I would love to know if the wives even had any say. And the poor dogs losing their master. There’s just a lot to sift through here folks. Can you imagine if two athletes tried to pull this off nowadays? Imagine seeing on The Lead on the ESPN Bottom Line “CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee agree to swap wives, children, dogs. Sabathia’s wife and Lee’s wife met in 2006 and were known to be very close.” I think every member of the media would explode.

And Ben Affleck can get off his high horse with the whole “Guys fucking each other’s wives, that’s the Yankees!” If I had to pick two candidates for “most likely to swap lives and fuck each others wives” Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would be the first two people on the list. Probably just leave the wives and kids out of it and fuck each other and the dogs.