Hey listen I got a whole new level of respect for Lax after watching this clip.   I love hidden ball tricks, Fumble-rooskies, fake to 3rd throw to 1st, all that shit.   I once executed a hidden ball trick to perfection when I was 14 in Senior Babe Ruth League back in CT.  I was playing SS, of course, where all the greats play in Senior Babe Ruth, and my buddy Ant – who years later would bang Kate Moss, was pitching.   After a rocket ship double to left, I pretended to give the ball back to Ant on the mound but instead sneakily kept it my glove.   After a few seconds, waited for the runner at second to take a few steps off the bag and bam, tagged him for the out.   Guy didn’t know what hit him.  Neither did the umps.  Took them 10 minutes to figure out what happened. All due respect but there were probably more people watching our game than there was for this Lax game.  Hey it was Senior Babe Ruth.  Bottom line though, does this hidden ball trick make you respect Lax more or less as a sport?

Vote 1 for yes, Vote 10 for still not a sport

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