Terry Richardson is nothing more than a creepshow with a camera. Spare me the bullshit about photography being art and all that jazz. Bottom line is this dude loves tits and has a 40 million pixel camera or something. And somehow he’s parlayed that into a gig getting exclusive Kate Upton photo shoots. Its like anytime Kate Upton is dancing like a slut, Terry Richardson is there. Anytime Kate Upton is posing with her tits out, Terry Richardson is there. Makes me wonder if Kate flashes some Bat Signal to the sky that lets Terry know her tits are out. Like a giant pair of boobs flashing into the night sky and Terry grabs his camera and springs into action. I mean at this point its like CC and Chris Stewart – he’s like her personal photographer. I mean off the top of my head, if I had to rank the top jobs in the world it would be like:

5. Video Game tester

4. Keeper of the Cup

3. Kate Upton’s personal photographer

2. Bullpen Catcher

1. Backup QB

I’m not sure what the money is like, but I’m sure it ain’t too shabby. And quality of life just takes it to a whole nother level. Traveling the world to all sorts of exotic places snapping pics of T&A all day and night. Fuck, I’ve got Instagram. I could do that shit.

I wonder if he asks her to blast herself so that she looks more relaxed