NY Post –  Say “Banana!”  While a hundred monkeys sitting at a hundred typewriters have yet to write any Shakespeare, one Indonesian macaque with a camera turned out to be a pretty good wildlife photographer. Shutterbug David J. Slater was trailing a group of endangered black macaques in a national park on the island of Sulawesi when he decided to let one of the monkeys try out his camera. A real-life Curious George wound up taking “hundreds of pictures by the time I got my camera back,” apparently entranced by the sound of the shutter, Slater told the Daily Mail of London. ”Not very many were in focus,” Slater said, but as you can see here, some of the results are astonishing.

Ouch.  Gotta feel bad for all the aspiring photographers out there.  They’re depressed as it is, now some hot shot fucking monkey comes along and takes the best self-portrait since Vincent Van Gogh  (art reference).   David Slater is probably going to cut his ear off after he sees this shot.  Look at this – he zoomed in and everything.  Got the tree leaves in the background, he might as well start doing engagement pictures on the beach.   The other explanation is the Indonesian monkey is just jealous of  all the attention the South Jersey baboon was getting last week.   You’d think their chick circles wouldn’t overlap, but I bet you’d be surprised.