BARTLESVILLE, OklahomaA Bartlesville woman was charged with a felony on Monday after luring a teenage boy into a tanning booth at a Bartlesville gym, stripping off her clothes and kissing him, court documents say. In Washington County District Court, Betsy Ann Brashear, 24, of Bartlesville, was charged with lewd acts with a minor under 16. The boy, who is 15 years old, accompanied his mother to Colaw Gym on Thursday about midnight. The boy’s mother told police Brashear was flirting with her son, so she asked other gym members to help her keep an eye on them. A man who was working out later told the boy’s mother that he saw the teen go into a tanning booth with Brashear, an affidavit says.  According to the affidavit, the mother pounded on the door and her son answered, but Brashear was attempting to hide in the room. The boy’s mother then dragged Brashear, who was only wearing a sports bra, out of the room, the document says. When she noticed Brashear was partially nude, the mother said she let Brashear go because there were several men watching.  The boy told investigators it began when Brashear asked him to spot her on the weights, then talked him into going into the tanning booth with her. Once inside, Brashear stripped off her clothes from the waist down and began kissing the boy, he said. Brashear stated to police she knew the boy was only 15, “there was nothing wrong or illegal about giving someone a kiss” and denied taking off her clothes.

First thing’s first – who the fuck goes to the gym with their mom at midnight? Seriously what kinda mother-son combo does that? Fucking bizarre on every level.

Secondly, how fucking mortified is this 15 year old kid? One minute hes on top of the world. He’s the cock of the walk. He’s making out with 24 year old chicks with their’ pussies out. And the next minute he’s showing up to gym with his mom who’s beating up his jump off in front of everyone. Dude was probably this close to getting his first hand job and in the blink of an eye he’s got his cockblocking mother bangin down the door dragging his pantsless cougar out out of the tanning bed.

Which brings me to thirdly – how much of a power move is it for the chick to take her pants off before her shirt whilst doing a dance of seduction? Just skipping the appetizer and going right to the entree. I bet she was like all seductive like “Are you a 15 year old boy that wants to play with tits? Or a 15 year old man that wants my pussy?” and then she dropped her gym shots and exposed her honey pot. At least thats what I’d do if I was a 24 year old chick at the gym seducing a 15 year old boy.

And finally my fourth point, what kind of an asshole is the dude who narc’d on this kid? Some mom says to keep an eye on her 15 year old son and you actually drop a dime on him? You can’t tell, dude. Its guy code. Thats something chicks do. You’re not a chick are you? Its not like you were lookin out for her 3 year old son or something. Kid is 15 trying to get his rocks off. Let him live.