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5 NewsPolice said they found four marijuana plants growing in plain view in the driveway of a house in the 1300 block of Bryan. The truly surprising news for many neighbors is that 65-year-old grandmother Helen Franklin was the person charged with planting the pot. “I was just surprised, you know” said neighbor James Fields. “Didn’t know no weed was down there.” Police were actually looking for another suspect in the neighborhood when they happened upon the pot early Wednesday morning. According to court records, an officer asked Franklin if she knew what the potted plant was. “Yes, reefer, I planted it,” she replied. Franklin’s son-in-law told an Action News 5 crew he was going to get his wife when we asked him about Franklin’s green thumb, but neither returned.

Good to know this is what’s keeping the police busy all day.  Just busting 65 year old grandmothers for smoking weed while murderers run around raping and insider trading everyone on the streets.   I mean it’s not like she was even buying the weed from people.  Bitch grew that reefer herself.  If anything we should be congratulating any elderly who are still self-sufficient enough to provide for themselves rather than being a drain on the economy, clogging up the roads, etc etc.   Like it’s one thing if this chick is rolling around the school zone slanging dope to the little kids on the playground.  But if Granny just wants to blaze a little to ease the pain before she dies any second hey I’m all for that.  I’m going to be so fucked up on booze and drugs and Viagra when I’m 65 it’s not even funny.