NJ – Numerous charges have been filed against a New York woman who was allegedly drunk and wearing only a jacket when she crashed her car into a stone retaining wall in New Jersey and then drove off. The crash occurred early Friday in the northwestern New Jersey community of Sparta Township. A witness called police at 12:53 a.m. Friday to report a white Volkswagon Jetta had crashed into a stone retaining wall on her property before fleeing the scene. Officer Joseph Pensado spotted the car just minutes after the crash and performed a motor vehicle stop. He was stunned when he saw the driver, 36-year-old Catherine Giaquinto, of Warwick, wearing nothing but an unzipped leather jacket.  There was fresh damage to the Jetta’s left front fender, driver’s side door, and rear left passenger’s door. The damage was also consistent with the damage done at the retaining wall. She allegedly told Pensado she couldn’t remember the accident or where she was going. Her speech was reportedly badly slurred and she claimed to have no memory of an accident.  She also denied being completely naked.  After noticing some clothes in her car, Pensado asked Giaquinto to get dressed, which she did after several minutes. When she was finished, her dress was on inside out and backwards. A series of field sobriety tests revealed an extremely high level of intoxication.


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