Sun – A 24-STONE hooligan has turned his back on the male-dominated world of footie violence to have a SEX CHANGE. Burly Richard Allen, 36, lived for fighting rival fans at games involving England or his beloved Exeter City, admitting he was a die-hard yob. But the 6ft 2in brawler has shown aggro the red card, swapping replica shirts for fashionable frocks in his new life as sensible BECCI. She said: “I had been on a colourful path with anger and got into trouble with the police a few times. I went to football games with Exeter City, Spurs and England and I was a hooligan. “I used to beat people up. I was always fighting something I wanted to be. I spent a lot of time suppressing it and trying to fit in. Becci, of Alphington, Devon claimed she knew from the age of eight she wanted to be a woman. But rather than explore her feminine side she surrounded herself with tough mates and behaved as “manly” as possible to release her pent-up anger. Describing her former days as a football hooligan, Becci told how she targeted rival supporters before dishing out brutal beatings. She added: “If there was a City versus Plymouth Argyle game we would just go down there and basically beat the c*** out of whoever was supporting Argyle.


This guy/girl really went the other way here, huh? I don’t think there’s a more racist, sexist, and homophobic group of people on earth than soccer hooligans. They HATE anyone and everyone who isn’t part of their own little clique. So imagine the balls it took for this dude to get his balls taken off? Like hey guys, that was fun getting drunk beating the cunt out of all those guys earlier, but now I’m actually gonna go get a cunt of my own. Please don’t punt my cunt, fellas? We cool? I imagine that was a very awkward hooligan meeting.

Anyway, hey dude/chick, I’m glad you did what felt right and had a sex change and everything, but ummm, WOOF!