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Anthony Miliner was sitting in a car in the drive-through lane at a Dayton, Ohio McDonald’s last month when the pair witnessed a fight erupt in the car ahead of them. A woman in the car was being severely beaten. Miliner got out to help, but a few moments later, seemingly out of nowhere, a group of women rushed in and attacked him. One of the women took off her shoe and beat him with the high heel. It shattered the bones around Miliner’s eye and left him partially blinded.

Kmarko rules to live by.  #1 never break up a fight.  #2 never ever break up a fight in a McDonalds parking lot at night time.  Like how many times do I have to say it?  I thought it was generally understood by now?  I mean have you ever been in a McDonalds parking lot at night?   But nope apparently there’s still guys like Anthony out there who don’t get it.  Listen nobody wants to see a chick getting beat up in a car at McDonalds.   But then again nobody wants to have their eyebones shattered and get partially blinded in a McDonalds  high heel parking lot sneak attack.   Nothing will ruin your value meal faster than having chunks of your retina falling into your McFlurry.  Nothing.  So next time you see a chick getting severely beaten and feel like helping just think what would kmarko do?   Put your head down, crush your french fries, and enjoy your eyesight for the rest of your life.   You’re welcome.