DallasA state district judge ordered disbarred Dallas attorney Tom Corea back in jail this morning because he allegedly trashed his Design District office and drew penises all over the walls after being evicted last month. Corea was charged earlier this year with four felonies alleging he stole from his clients. He was arrested, posted bond and was released. Weeks later, he was evicted for not paying rent for his upscale office in the 2000 block of Farrington Street near Interstate 35E and Market Center Boulevard, according to testimony before state District Judge Mike Snipes. Corea was ordered out by Oct. 31. When the president of the real estate company that represents the building, Doug Molny, showed up the next day to check out the property, he found “complete destruction,” including “penis graffiti on every single wall throughout the building,” Molny said. Written next to some of the penises was the name Doug. Molny said it appeared someone took a sledgehammer to granite counters. Doors, light fixtures, cabinets and appliances were destroyed or removed. There was feces and urine on the floor, Molny said.

Penis graffiti trumps all. Plain and simple. There’s just a few things in this world that can’t be topped and ruining someones shit by drawing a penis on it is one of them. Its the most simple, effective way to defend yourself. Like you figured this guy Tom Corea got told off huh? You thought he lost the battle when he got evicted for not paying his rent? Wrong. Because on the way out the door he drew giant dicks all over the place with Doug’s name on it. He took a dump all over the floor. Yes, Tom Corea no longer has an office to work from and yes, he may be facing criminal charges. But Doug Molny is gonna spend the next couple days scrubbing dicks off the wall and cleaning up another man’s poop. If you’re asking me to honestly judge who wins that battle, I’d say Point – Corea. Its like a last ditch effort. You wanna play fair and square but when you get painted into a corner sometimes the only course of action is to draw dicks. Doesn’t matter if you’re putting a penis on someone’s face at a party. Doesn’t matter if you’re drawing a dick on someone’s Five Star binder with a white out pen. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer who’s been evicted from his office who decides to penis graffiti the walls while shitting on the floor. Its just the most basic instinct of man when you need to fight back.