NY Post – A Long Island nun’s bad habit has her in trouble with police — who say she guzzled half a bottle of gin and went on a wild ride that nearly killed a group of children, officials said. Sister Lauren Hanley, 68, of the St. Frances de Chantal Church in Wantagh narrowly missed a group of kids, sideswiped parked cars and finally plowed into a tree. The naughty nun registered a 0.18 blood-alcohol level on a breath test — more than twice the legal limit of 0.08, prosecutors said. “They teach us about drinking and driving in school, and to see a nun do it is surprising,” said 11-year-old Alex Stein. The Catholic schoolboy said he had to run for his life when Hanley drove a 2006 Toyota Corolla owned by the Sisters of St. Joseph up onto his lawn. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said. Authorities said that Hanley started drinking at St. Frances de Chantal at about 3 p.m. while she was at work as the spiritual director. A bottle of what appeared to be alcohol was found in the vehicle.

Another day another crazy member of the church making headlines.  First we had the cheating pastor, and now the drunk driving nun who almost plowed over a group of kids in her car.  Anyway I’m not sure I understand the outrage here.  Sure she’s a trusted public figure, but then again she’s a fucking nun.  Do you now how much the life of a nun must suck?  Here’s their routine:  Pray, and not fuck.  Pray, and not fuck.  All day every day.  And now on top of that you’re heaping all of this shit on her just because she had a shot or 14 of Seagrams after a hard day’s work? That’s just selfish.  At least give her some credit for waiting until her shift was over, I mean it’s not like she’s shotgunning in the middle of a Hail Mary and puking all over  her habit.  Just stay out of the road/sidewalk/lawn when she’s driving and everyone will be just fine.