Huff Po - As far as kinks go, Gary Medrow is carrying a really bizarre one. The 68-year-old resident of Greenfield, Wis., allegedly has a thing about seeing people carry each other and for the last 40 years, he has gone to great lengths to satisfy his bizarre desires, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. In the past, cops said, he has pretended to be a policeman, an accident investigator and other positions of authority all in an effort to convince complete strangers to lift and carry each other. Now he may be carrying a rap sheet. Medrow was arrested Friday and charged with two counts each of telephone harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with an incident involving two high school girls in Cedarburg, Wisc. Officials said he pretended to be a journalist for the Journal-Sentinel in order to arrange a photo shoot where the two females would lift each other up on their shoulders, the Journal-Sentinel reported. Authorities said Medrow seems to target female athletic standouts who have already had their pictures in newspapers or other publications, reported. In 1997, he was convicted of unlawful use of a telephone and impersonating a police officer after he made a collect call from the Milwaukee House of Corrections, to a woman claiming he was investigating a car crash and wanted to know if she could carry other women, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Hey man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made up a lie to try and get my rocks off. Only difference is that I was usually lying to chicks to convince them to have sex with me and not firemen carry each other around. I’ve told girls my profession was to film snowboarders at the X Games. You know those dudes who just ski behind them with a camera and film their whole routine? I also have told girls that my family invented those cardboard holders that you put over a hot cup of coffee so you don’t burn your hand. On other occasions I said we invented the small plastic tables that you put inside a pizza box to stop the cheese from sticking to the top. Also tried to say I flew planes at the Jersey shore that tow those advertisements on the beach and do sky writing, but that failed miserably. Again, these were all in an attempt to have good old, normal sex. Not get a hard on watching girls give each other piggy backs. But, to each his own. I ain’t gonna judge you. Like the Frank Abagnale Jr. of creepy fetishes. No shame in that game. Just a word of advice though, Gary – get a little more creative with your impersonations. Police man and photographer are just too cliche.