Daily MailA father has pleaded guilty to child endangerment after abandoning his 16-year-old daughter outside a mall over a poor grade at school. Telling his daughter to pack her bags and get in the car last February, Tuan Huynh, 47, said she could not return home after no longer meeting her family’s expectations according to police in Philadelphia. The girl wandered for hours outside the Cheltenham Square Mall, 13 miles (21km) from her home, before approached by a minister, Fox29 reports. According to court documents, police said they were already on their way to the location after hearing reports of a girl asking strangers for a place to stay. Upon their inquiry the girl refused to tell them her real name.  An aspiring pianist, it was through sheet music found in her bag with her name on it – mixed with a blanket and a change of clothes – that revealed her identity. She later told police it was a poor grade on a calculus test that lead to her eviction from her home.

Asians are so backwards its unbelievable. Has any white girl in the history of white people ever been dropped off at the mall as a punishment? For sure not. Goddamnit Becky, you failed your calculus test again! I’m dropping you off at Bloomingdales and don’t you even THINK about coming home! That would be like my parents locking me in the basement in high school and being like “Dont you dare come upstairs until you’re done playing at least 10 games of beer pong! Maybe then you’ll learn to study harder!”

I kinda respect this move though. Its almost like animals that you see on the Discovery Channel. The animal parents just kinda give up on the runt of the litter and leave him to fend for himself. If you’re dumb or weak or whatever, Asian parents just chalk it up to a loss and leave you out in the wild. Like they just treat it as if they got a lemon from the car dealership. Welp, this one can’t play piano or pass calculus, better luck next time! Now get the fuck out!