Murdock, FLWhen you enter any type of night club you usually have to follow certain rules. Sometimes those rules include what you can and can’t bring with you inside, like say a…live kitten. A man in Florida apparently didn’t think those rules applied to him when he tried to take his Kitten into of all places a strip club. But it’s what the man did after being refused entry into the club, that got him arrested. Deputies were called shortly after 9:00 pm on Tuesday, to the Emerald City in Murdock after the owner said he told Everett Robert Lages, 47 to leave. The owner said Lages had attempted to bring a kitten into the club. Instead of leaving, witnesses said Lages sat down outside the business and repeatedly called 911.

Bringing pussy to a strip club. Like bringing sand to the beach.

What an idiot. A cat is the worst fuckin companion you could ever bring to a strip club. Would probably just spend the whole time creeping around and lurking in the shadows judging all the single mother sluts dancing for you. Yea, thats exactly what the girls like – when customers give them judgmental stares and act unimpressed. Use your fucking head, Bob. Bring a puppy to the club and you’d be treated like fuckin royalty. Pooch would be wagging his tail. Sniffing their asses. Motorboating their tits and licking them all over. When you run out of money just have him give the girls the puppy dog eyes and you’re guaranteed a couple freebies. Best strip club wing man ever.