Huff Po - Police say that Clyde Hobbs, 72, called emergency operators in Oklahoma at least 17 times on Saturday. But Hobbs’ only apparent emergency was his insatiable desire for sexy talk, KWTV reported. Hobbs allegedly made sexually oriented comments toward operators each time he called, and eventually led cops to come knocking. The Oklahoman reports that when they arrived at the residence, Hobbs’ wife answered the door. When they found Hobbs, he asked, “Are you here to arrest me again?” Indeed, this isn’t the first time the Oklahoma City man has made a 911 booty call. Cops said he’s been arrested three times for the stunt, including once in 2007. Hobbs was allegedly belligerent on the way to jail. He was booked on charges of making false reports and his bail was set at $34,000.

If you don’t think my new fake alias that I’m using from here on out is “Clyde Hobbs” you are outside of your mind. What a classic name! What a classic character. I think of him as like an angrier, drunker, meaner version of Blue from Old School. You know when Mitch is like who’s the old guy? And Beanie is like “Oh, that’s Blue. An old navy vet who hangs around my store a lot. Don’t worry. He’s legit.” Thats what I think about Clyde Hobbs. I might show up to my next party with him as my wingman and when someone questions who he is I’ll be like “Oh thats Clyde Hobbs. He’s a repeat offender ex con who loves to call 911 to dirty talk to the dispatch operator. Don’t worry. He’s legit.”

Doesn’t get any more bad ass than Clyde Hobbs. Dude calls 911 for phone sex while his wife is home. As the police bang on his door he remarks “Are you hear to arrest me again?” His mugshot gives the boogeyman nightmares. He is…the most interesting man in the world. “I don’t always have phone sex, but when I do, I call 911″ – Clyde Hobbs.