Mesa, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) – James Naylor, a 47-year-old Mesa man was jailed Monday after he allegedly used Craigslist to shop for a dog he wanted to have sex with. According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation was launched after Naylor placed ads on Craigslist seeking dogs to sexually abuse. He made contact with an undercover officer, who was part of a task force that had been set up to catch suspects who use the Internet to sexually abuse animals. Naylor and the detective emailed back and forth for two months until an agreement was reached and Naylor made an appointment to meet with what he believed was the dog’s owner. Investigators say Naylor showed up at the planned meeting spot expecting to have sex with a dog, and was apprehended instead without even seeing the dog. The dog who’s pictures were used is a rescue dog with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Safe Haven. Naylor is married with one child, and is unemployed. He told police that he has been in a sexless marriage for about a year.

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