HOLLY HILLA man known for renting out rooms to people trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction killed one of his tenants after the two men argued about how to prepare pork chops, Police Chief Mark Barker said. But the underlying issue that sparked the row between Thomas Mathew Hahn, 55, and his roommate Robert Gray, 38, had more to do with alcohol than pork chops, an arrest report shows. “I think if you look there’s always a definite link (to) alcohol,” Barker said Wednesday. Hahn, who has been charged with second-degree murder, had told his other two roommates that he was going to shoot Gray if his tenant came home drunk Tuesday night, the report states. When police arrived at the house about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday and found Hahn sitting in the living room next to Gray’s body, he told them: “I shot him in the head two to three times. I didn’t want to be attacked anymore.”  Gray got home and Santimyer heard both Hahn and Gray begin to argue, the report states. Santimyer said Gray sounded drunk. The men were fighting about pork chops and how they should be cooked, Barker said. Santimyer heard them yelling about the pork chops and he began shutting his bedroom door. But then he heard the statement, “If you pull that gun on me, you better use it,” the report states. Then Santimyer heard three popping sounds, police said.

Welp at this point I think the world should just go ahead and end next week as the Mayan’s predicted. We got people shooting up elementary schools…guys killing each other over pork chops. Might as well just come to an end if this is what its gonna be like.

Anyway, this week on KFC Radio we all discussed some of the every day, regular things about people can clue you in to the fact that they are a psychopath. Like Big Cat said people who hang the rubber testicles from their truck bumper are insane. Kmarko said people who wear sweatpants out in public. Feitelberg said people who have a completely shaved head but a full beard. Well mine is any grown man who has a “roommate.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you’re a 55 year old man and you live with other dudes it will inevitably end in tragedy. Because deep down somewhere you and all your roommates are deeply psychotic. Just 3 old men living together like its college cooking up pork chops getting drunk murdering each other. Least surprising thing Ive ever heard.