Daily MailAn Iowa father is under arrest after he threatened to kill two teenage boys for cavorting with his daughter, police say. James Patrick Morgan, 46, was arrested last week for pointing a gun at his daughter and her two male friends, age 14 and 16, and then breaking window of the vehicle with the butt of his handgun, police said. Following the incident, police say he beat his daughter and told her to lie about everything or she would ‘lose everything.’ A complaint obtained by The Gazette indicates that the showdown took place on October 6. Morgan allegedly saw his daughter in a car with the two boys and pulled in front of it, blocking its way and then pointing his handgun at the teens. ’I will f****** kill you,’ he told the trio, demanding they exit the car. His daughter exited the vehicle at his request and tried to calm him down, a complaint states, but the attempt failed. Morgan then hit his daughter in the head and shattered the window of the car with his gun in order to pull out the 14-year-old boy, police say. The terrified teens were able to hit the gas and get out of the dangerous situation, but they told police they saw Morgan pointing his weapon at them in the rear-view mirror. No gunshots were fired, they said. After the teens got away safely, Morgan then kicked his daughter in her bottom, adding to the bruise on her head.

Can’t wait for this to happen to El Pres and the Blackout Dream Team one day. I can just see it now. Feitelberg driving tour bus, Devlin sitting shotgun. Some college chick sitting bitch in between Sales Guy and Dante in the back seat. Pull up to her house and she hops out covered in Foam wearing booty shorts and a half a shirt and her dad comes storming out of the house with a shotgun. “Daddy no! Its just a dance party! We just dance to electronic music!” BAM gun buts her right in her slutty face and shoves the barrel of his gun right in Feitelberg’s mouth. Tells Devlin he will fucking kill him and demands everyone get out of the car. They all rat out El Pres as the Blackout king and this father hunts him down and murders him in cold blood for providing his daughter with a platform to get naked and hook up.

Question is, who’s the lucky girl getting gun butted by her father for having too much fun? Who’s it gonna be? Is it gonna be the girls from Albany? Trenton? Poughkeepsie? Rochester? We got a lot of opportunities coming up for fathers to murder Feitelberg and company for partying with their daughters. Fingers crossed the father kills Sales Guy first.

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PS – Hey James Patrick Morgan, loved you as the dad in Teen Wolf bro!