HOLLY HILL, Fla. - A Holly Hill man was arrested after police said he tried to kill his housekeeper when she refused his advances. Officials said Michael Anselmo, 64, is charged with attempted murder after he stabbed 47-year-ol Deidre Nightingale in the chest and tried to slit her throat. Nightingale worked for Anselmo for years cooking and cleaning, but Anselmo wanted more from her, investigators said. Officers said that when Nightingale refused Anselmo’s advances, he grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked her, trying to slit her throat. Police said Nightingale was able to get out of the house, and golfers from a nearby course held Anselmo off until officials arrived.

Michael Anselmo is in the right here, right? I’m on record as saying I can’t stand cleaning ladies. They think their job is the most important job in all the world. Always vacuuming when you’re trying to watch TV or cleaning the kitchen while you’re trying to make breakfast. Our cleaning lady even had the balls to ask me when I was gonna get a real job. Um, why don’t you mind your fucking business and go rotate my colors? Whether they like it of not, the fact of the matter is that a cleaning lady is essentially an indentured servant. Do my dishes. Make my bed. Suck my dick. It’s all in the job description. If Michael Anselmo wants to go all DSK on Deidre Nightingale then he’s well within his rights. He signs the checks, doesn’t he?