Thesmokinggun — An Oklahoma man who stood masturbating in the drive-thru lane at a Sonic restaurant has been arrested for his lewd eight-minute display, which transpired in full view of a female worker and a surveillance camera. Kevin Ferrier, 19, was collared yesterday for indecent exposure after video of his alleged March 2 performance outside the eatery was released by Tulsa cops and broadcast by local news stations. As seen at right, Fox23 used a carefully placed blurred square to obscure the lewd matters at hand. According to a Tulsa Police Department report, the female Sonic employee told investigators that a male “exposed himself and masturbated in front of her as she was working the window of the drive through.” Ferrier, pictured in the mug shot at left, was arrested yesterday afternoon at his Tulsa home on the felony charge. He was released from custody early last night after posting $5000 bond.

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I love how self-righteous these women are, like how do they know he was aiming himself at them?   Way to boost your ego lady.  It’s like these girls are just fishing for compliments in a sea of low self-esteem.  Chicks don’t realize sometimes dudes just have to let one rip, could be at a library, could be at a Ranger game, could be at a Sonic Drive Thru in Tulsa.   In other words it had nothing to do with the fat townies who work at the window.  Please.  I’m sure this guy has higher standards than that.