Huffington PostWhen Charles Swinney flipped out after he couldn’t get a mani-pedi, he got nailed by police. One of the customers at Asian Nails in Mentor, Ohio told WOIO that Swinney came into the salon last Tuesday demanding service. The salon was about to close, employees told Swinney to come back later. “He went to every technician saying I need a pedicure — I need a pedicure,” said Dionna Logarde. “After he left me he walked to his duffel bag and started riffling through it. I didn’t want to wait and see what he was going to pull out.” Inside Swinney’s bag were wads of cash.. He offered handfuls of bills to anyone who would help him cross off getting his nails done from his bucket list, according to the News Herald. Police were unsure why the spa treatment seemed urgent to 43-year-old Swinney. “He’s not dying that I know of,” Mentor Police Lt. Tim Allen told Mentor Patch. He might not be dying, but Allen said Swinney did admit to police that he downed 12 beers before going to the salon.

So I guess we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the racist Korean bitches at Asian Nails denied this guy his Bucket List dreams for no good reason? Chuck Swinney shows up with a duffel bag full of money, 12 beers in his stomach, and a bucket list dream of getting his toes trimmed up and what does he get? 90 days in prison. How the fuck does that make any sense? Who cares where the money in his duffel bag came from. Who cares if he’s not dying. Only procrastinating assholes start their bucket list once they’re already dying. Charles was just being proactive. But he’s a man and he’s a case of beer deep so we judge him and think he’s strange and call the police. I guarantee if a women went in for a mani-pedi after a few martinis at a liquid lunch and was denied service we wouldn’t have any police involvement. Double standard bullshit.

On another note, if getting a pedicure was #2 on this guy’s bucket list, I can’t imagine what number 1 would be. I mean my gut tells me its probably just your standard “Have a threesome with 2 girls” just like every other red blooded mad on the planet, but who knows. Maybe he wanted to go shopping for a wedding dress or something.