MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBS 2)Police said music teacher Kelly Oram snapped and attacked a 13-year-old student at Mount Vernon High School. According to investigators, Oram got angry at the boy for acting up in class, threw him to the ground, dragged him out of the classroom by the back of the neck, and shoved him up against a brick wall, causing the boy’s head to hit the fire alarm. Oram then, allegedly, threw a backpack at the student and slammed the door. Word of the incident got around the school. “I heard that he choked a kid and went to jail,” said freshman Adrianna Deokie. Students said Oram had a earned a reputation, not for having a temper, but for being too nice. “He tried but it was like he was always so frustrated with the kids because they always took advantage of him because he was always so quiet and kind,” said senior Carece Moore. “Students here, they don’t listen,” said freshman Infinity Buchanan.

Well, this doesn’t surprise me one fucking bit. Being a music teacher is the last thing on earth I would ever want to do. I wouldn’t last 1 day before smashing some student’s head into the wall. When you’re a music teacher literally nobody respects you. A while back when that Jet Blue man stewardess went crazy I said being a flight attendant was the most pathetic career imaginable. Well after giving this some thought I stand corrected. Because I don’t think I once listened to anything a music teacher told me to do. I mean I talk shit, but at the end of the day when the stewardess tells me to put my tray up or stay in my seat, I listen. Meanwhile if some music teacher told me to take my seat or quiet down in class I’d probably throw a xylophone at her.

Seriously what does becoming a music teacher even entail? I could probably teach music class right now. Teach you how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder and throw on West Side Story like 3 days a week. Boom. I’m a music teacher.

And for those of you not familiar I cannot think of a worse possible place to be a disrespected fake teacher than Mount Vernon. I’m surprised this dude didnt get shanked after he snapped on that kid. At least Infinity Buchanan has his back.