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NBC Philly - The former Vice Principal of Pennbrook Middle School got way too friendly with one of his students, according to prosecutors. Charles Hurst is accused of first encouraging the 13-year-old boy to masturbate and then setting up a reward system where Hurst would pay an extra dollar toward the victim’s allowance each time the boy would tell or text Hurst that he’d masturbated. Hurst met the boy at school and the two spent a lot of personal time together, according to Montgomery County prosecutors. The two allegedly worked out together, went on distance runs and took trips to the mountains to ski. Hurst gave the boy an allowance and also helped him with his studies, investigators say. Prosecutors say Hurst was very generous to the teen’s family and routinely bought stuff for the victim. The boy, now 14, told investigators that Hurst said masturbating would help him grow and make him smarter and happy, prosecutors say.

This is one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand words.   Because if you just read this story you wouldn’t really think anything was that wrong with what happened?   Like the vice principal took the kid to the gym, worked out with him, took him on runs, took him skiing.  Gave him an allowance.  Bought him and his family shit.  Taught him that masturbating makes you happy which it certainly does.   Ultimate role model right?   But then you see the picture and you’re like oh yeah this dude definitely fucks kids.  No doubt about it.  Lock this kid fucker up and throw away the key.

PS – Kmarko tip of the day – if your kid is spending an inordinate amount of time with an old dude with a Bieber haircut who keeps hand delivering money and gifts to the house,  check his cell phone frequently.