NYDN  - A Massachusetts man who worked as a clown wasn’t laughing when he was slapped with a host of criminal charges for allegedly hopping naked into a tractor-trailer and asking the driver if he wanted to have sex. James Vosolo, 46, was arrested late Tuesday night in Rowley, north of Boston, the Salem News reported. Up until recently, he worked as a clown for Total Entertainment, a party event company in nearby Danvers.  He jumped into the truck’s cab at a rest stop, completely nude, grabbed the driver and propositioned him, according to state police. The truck driver wasn’t interested in clowning around with Vosolo, but pretended he was so he could call the cops while Vosolo waited to meet him. Vosolo eventually drove away from the scene, with a Massachusetts State Trooper in pursuit. He threw what cops believe were drugs out of his window before pulling over. He was only wearing thong underwear when the trooper approached his car. A search of the vehicle turned up sex toys and Halloween masks.

That truck driver who “pretended” to be interested can cut the shit. Theres a 100% chance that trucker got some gloryhole action from this naked clown and then called it in. Life gets weird on the road, man. I’d like to think if I was a trucker I’d maintain some level of normalcy, but when you’re hopped up on amphetamines driving 20 straight hours across country and a naked clown falls into your lap asking you if you want a blow job, I’d imagine its borderline impossible to say no.