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Asylum Pro Gamer Raychul Moore may be the perfect woman.  The woman who won’t gripe when you sit around all day playing video games is rare. Raychul Moore, then, is extremely rare — not only will she encourage it, but she’ll challenge you to a match and then blog about her victory later. Asylum recently spent some time with this buxom lady gamer at her San Francisco pad. Among other little nuggets, we discovered that she takes the letters “KO” to a whole new level.

Uhh no that doesn’t sound like the perfect woman?   I mean call me gay but the absolute last thing in the world I want to do with the hot blond over my apartment is play Bio Shock 2 on Xbox 360.  Shit would get old in about 10 minutes.   Not to mention coming home from work every day tripping on wires and Cheetos and pizza crust while the fucking surround sound is blasting from a first person shooter and this slut is talking shit to some pimple faced nerd in Oregon on her headset.   No thanks.    Listen sweetheart I could care less about the level maps and RPG dynamics in God Of War 3.  You want to be my perfect girlfriend?   Switch the TV mode back to ESPN, take your top off,  and go make me a fucking turkey sandwich in the kitchen.