News.Au ‘Sex mad’ cop Jessica Parfrey loses unfair dismissal claim:  A POLICE officer who was sacked after begging colleagues for sex has lost her unfair dismissal claim. Within days of being posted Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor to have an affair because “everyone knows you’re supposed to fall in love with your buddy”. A month later, after he turned her down, she told him: “Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?” The Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney heard that Ms Parfrey also offered an officer oral sex in a pub toilet and carpark and later propositioned another, saying: “I know you want me.” Both men refused. She tried to call another colleague 12 times, left six text messages and then offered to help him study for his police exams by stripping off an item of clothing for every question he got correct. He refused.

I know what you’re expecting me to say.  ”Why don’t you Australian cops stop being such gay assholes and fuck this chick already?  She’s begging for it.  And not just metaphorically.  She’s literally begging you to fuck her.”  Well not so fast my friend.  Because if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.   The second that a chick tells you to fuck her and offers blow jobs in a pub toilet and carpark and later offers to do the Billy Madison strip study routine is the second you start running.  Yes an easy lay every once in a while is fun.  But make no mistake about it.  A chick that goes to these lengths to get you to fuck her is a dangerous chick indeed.  The type that will show up at your parent’s house the next morning unannounced and start looking through baby albums on the couch with your mom.  The type that will stalk you every second of the day and try to kill every girl you talk to or look at.  And the type that will eventually saw your cock off with a swiss army knife.  We’re talking Godfather style except instead of a horse’s head you’re waking up with your own bloody dick on the pillow next to your head.  No thanks.  I’ll take my chances getting shut down at every bar in the city like every other night.