ASHBURN, Va. (WUSA) – Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office authorities say substitute assistant teacher, Jaqueline J Barnes of Aldie, was charged for being drunk in public on the first day of school. Authorities say Monday morning around 9, school personnel told a school resource officer that a teacher had arrived at Stone Hill Middle School and appeared to be intoxicated. A Loudoun County Public Schools spokesperson said that Barnes was seen “acting erratically” before school started. She never came in contact with any students. The spokesperson couldn’t comment directly about Barnes being suspended or being banned from the property, but said in similar cases a substitute teacher is usually dropped from his or her role at the school.

Oh my summer of fun is over! Its gonna be so hard to go back to work! Looks like I’ll have to get shitfaced to make it through another school year with 25 days off! Let me ask you guys a question – is there a more insufferable group of people on the planet than teachers? You ever listen to those idiots talk about their profession? You’d think they were doing tours of duty in Afghanistan the way they complain. I think its a pretty easy rule of thumb that if you have to explain weird intricate details of your job to people to try and convince them what you do is difficult, it ain’t a hard job. Teachers will be like “I’m on my feet all day!” “I can’t go in hungover because I have to be “on” every day!” “Its not like we go home right at 3!” “I work hard in the summer to prepare for September!” Blah blah blah. Half the time they are yapping like that I’m wondering if they’re trying to convince themselves or me.

Worst part is, its usually the perfect storm – Its usually chicks, who are teachers, and complaining via facebook. The Holy Trinity of annoying right there. “Grading papers :( ” “Writing report cards. I need a glass of wine. Friday can’t come soon enough!” “Ugh my kids got me sick.” Thats another thing – “my kids.” Shut the fuck up about “your kids!” Matter of fact just shut the fuck up about your job! Bottom line is this: ask yourself one question – do you get a spring break? If the answer is yes, your job is a joke. Sprinkle in the summers off, the Jewish holidays, the ability to just recycle the same lessons all the time, and the 3pm cut off (even if you stay late you leave at 5. GASP!) and the fact of the matter is that being a teacher just isn’t that hard. And trust me, I get it – as a person with a fake job being a blogger, there are plenty of things about what I do that sucks that the average person wouldn’t appreciate. But that doesn’t make me run around saying I’ve got it tough and nobody realizes how hard my job is. I fully understand I am snaking it and have landed a very easy job. Just point and laugh at the people with shitty jobs and enjoy the fact that you’ve got an easy gig. No need to run around pretending you’re some sort of martyr.