MSNJennifer Melissa Herring, 37, of Myrtle Beach, N.C., apparently an opportunist, allegedly called 911 while the police were in pursuit to pass the message on that she would pull over for the reasonable sum of $300,000. After the 15-minute long chase ended when Herring reached a dead end, the police rewarded her with charges of felony fleeing to avoid arrest, driving while impaired, driving while license revoked, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center.

Being on a high speed chase with police is 100% on my bucket list. Its one of the few things you see in the movies that you could probably pull off yourself. Just wanna see what it really feels like to be going like 120 with cops in the rear view and helicopters above you with a spotlight on the car tracking you. I’d get on the phone with the coppers just like this bitch and throw out all sorts of absurd demands. I’d demand like 100K and a submarine or something. Ideally I’d like it to end with my running over those spikes they lay out in the road. I want the real deal, episode of “Cops” treatment. Guns drawn as I crawl out and surrender. I’m assuming I can get out of it alive since I’m a white man. Maybe get my lawyer to knock that felony charge down and walk away with a “driving left of center” like Jenny Herring here.