MESA, Ariz.Mesa police arrested a woman after she allegedly stabbed her husband during an argument over a quiz in Cosmopolitan magazine. Noelle Clough, 22, was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police said Clough and her husband started arguing about the magazine quiz at their apartment near Southern Avenue and Longmore and then about their ex-lovers. Clough told officers that her husband threw two kitchen knives on the floor and told her to stab him. The couple argued some more then Clough stabbed her husband in the back with a 4-inch blade paring knife as he walked away from her, according to court documents. Investigators said the couple had been drinking prior to the stabbing. Clough told police that her husband choked her with his arm during their initial argument. Officers said she did not have any visible injuries. The husband was not seriously injured.

There is absolutely no good that can come from doing these things with your girlfriend or your wife. Whether you’re taking a Cosmo quiz or playing Never Have I Ever or Marry Fuck Kill or whatever. Anytime theres even an outside chance of that stuff happening I get up and leave the room. “Hey anybody else need another beer?” “I’m gonna grab some food I’ll be back” “Hey sweetie I dont want anyone to bring up the time I fucked a stripper so I’m gonna pretend my phone is ringing!” Because its more than just “Why don’t you just lie?” Because when one of your asshole friends says “Never have I ever fucked a black chick in the bathroom of a bar” and everyone at the table laughs and smirks and looks directly at you, you’re fucked. Or all the sudden MFK turns from celebrities to your exes or other people in your crew of friends and before you know it you’re getting stabbed in the back with a 4 inch paring knife. Bottom line is, your past is your past for a reason. Your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t wanna know how many people you’ve had sex with. They don’t wanna know about your threesome. They dont wanna know about the biggest dick you’ve taken. So anytime you’re in a position where these questions are being asked and answered, remove yourself immediately or you risk getting stabbed.

PS – A Cosmo Quiz is a whole nother ballgame. If its just you and your wife and you are answering those questions honestly and shooting yourself in the foot, you deserve to get stabbed. Idiot.