MOORHEAD Police cited a 37-year-old Moorhead woman for indecent exposure Sunday after she allegedly walked into the downtown Walgreens store here partially covered in whipped cream. The woman, identified by police as Katherine Margaret Watson, entered the store about 5:45 p.m. wearing only a thong, pasties, a “partial” green towel and the whipped cream, Lt. Tory Jacobson said. A bystander called police and gave the woman a blanket to cover herself. The woman, who was trying to buy shaving cream, told police she was a “free thinker” and was trying to make a statement, Jacobson said. She said she wanted to catch people’s attention and to get them to think outside the box and not conform to society’s views, he said. “She said that if she did this at Sturgis, no one would look twice at her,” he said. The woman later admitted that her actions might have been “a little over the top,” Jacobson said. A police officer cited the woman for indecent exposure and transported her home, he said.

Think outside that box you kinky little minx! This is the kind of woman I need in my life. Matter if fact I think the reason I don’t have a girlfriend is because all you broads out there are just simple minded conformists who wear clothing to Walgreens. If you girls were more progressive and free thinkers like KFC and Katherine Margaret Watson you’d would break free of societies shackles and wear whipped cream bikinis out in public and I could probably settle down with one of you. Seriously girls, you wanna land KFC? Send pictures of yourself in whipped cream to KFC@barstoolsports.com.