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The Sun – A MUM revealed in The Sun to be Britain’s fattest woman at 45st has died after secretly GORGING in hospital. Sharon Mevsimler, 40, was on a strict diet in Chelmsford, Essex, but had family buckets of chicken and fish and chips smuggled in. She died of a heart attack nine days after we told of the five-footer’s grub addiction. Sharon begged her family to sneak take-aways into the hospital where she was on a strict diet and horrified witnesses saw relatives smuggling fast food to the gorging mum of four. And she was so huge that a trolley COLLAPSED as she was wheeled to the mortuary. Last night an NHS source told The Sun less than two weeks after we revealed how Sharon was the UK’s most overweight woman: “She simply would not stop eating. “She obviously had a serious underlying problem with food, but did nothing to help herself. “Those who came to visit her in hospital did her no favours.

See this is what I love about fat people. Every time I rag on fat people everyone starts bitching “kmarko they can’t help it!  it’s not their fault!  they have serious medical issues!”  Like it has never been any fat person in the world’s fault that they were fat.  Well guess what idiots?  Sharon Mevsimler’s fat British ass just took a fried chicken shit right in your eyeball.  Set fat people back light years with this little fish and chips binge eating episode.  Like the next time some fat dickhead sits next to you on an airplane and his fat rolls spill over your armrest onto your iPod don’t feel bad.  Don’t say maybe it’s his thyroid.  Maybe it’s his metabolism.  Maybe it’s genetics.   No.  No it’s not.  It’s the fucking bucket of KFC and Long John Silver’s Treasure Chest he’s got tucked up his asshole waiting for the seatbelt light to go off so he can swallow it whole.