Donald Trump is a fucking lunatic and I absolutely love it. He’s either completely delusional, or the most brilliant man on earth. Like what the fuck is The Donald talking about right here? He wants Obama to release his college records? $5 million bucks to see where his Passport has been? Dude has spent like 2 straight years demanding weird files and papers about Obama. He’s like Dr. Evil. Making threats and setting deadlines trying to throw money around like he’s a global authority. I can’t wait for him to just straight up try to kidnap the Big O and put him in an aquarium with sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads.

Its honestly like he thinks the entire world is just one episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Thinks he should be running the Yankees. Thinks he can control the election. Earlier today I was watching this video of the Pats lockeroom after beating the Jets. Guess who’s in the background as Belichick gives his speech? The Donald.

Just so cocky these days.