What happened to all the “We’re #1!” hand gestures?

So this is feeling a bit like some Senator series deja vu, am I right?  Winning the first game in confident fashion and then dropping the second by a one goal margin.  Taking an extremely close third game because Hank stood on his head and then dropping another one goaler to find it all tied up at two.  Pretty obvious what’s going to happen next then, isn’t it?  The Law of Frustrated Rangers Fans states pretty clearly that we’ll be watching the Blueshirts lay a stinker at home tonight when they take on the Caps in game 5 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals.  Can’t argue with science; the loss is predetermined.  Bound to happen, in fact.  There’s only one tiny hope, and it’s a long shot, but goddamnit if I’m not going to try everything in my power to help this team secure a win.  So if I can somehow harness the power behind Osgood’s Law of Jinxes and predict a result contrary to my actual desires, we might just be able to reverse the polarity enough to trump the current trend.  It’s a dangerous move, especially for such a massive homer like myself, but if me being wrong means the Blueshirts can win, then I don’t want to be right.  Ok… here goes nothing… 3-1 Caps.

Pretty simple stuff here, people.  Lose and our backs are once again against the wall.  Win and we’re one step closer to the conference finals.  Hopefully the boys in blue can ride the home town crowd to a comfortable score line because I’m pretty tired of holding my breath every time the puck’s in our zone.  Just make it easy on us, for once.  I mean I know they didn’t breeze through the regular season out in LA, but it must be nice being a Kings fan right now.  Total sweep envy.  And with the Devils waiting on the doorstep of the final four, it’s now absolutely fucking critical that we get there too.  Can’t have Kovy and crew fighting it out for the conference crown without getting some punches in ourselves.  Just the thought of a New York/New Jersey east finals has everyone born in the 80′s crapping in their pants like a little kid again.  But on the other side of that coin flip, we have the total misery of once again losing to the Caps and falling short of some serious expectations.  So, Rangers, if you won’t do it for your fans’ health, then do it for the sake of nostalgia…